Monday, May 24, 2021

Space Podcasts for Your Post-Pandemic Life

Original photo credit NASA

With many of us stuck at home over the past year, companies and individuals have been seeking new ways to communicate with their audiences. The number of space podcasts has skyrocketed. There's nothing more human than to want to connect with other people. Podcasts offer a way for one's voice to reach a wide number of listener's phones and computers.

At the start of the pandemic last year, I listed some of my favorite space-related podcasts. Since then, I've increased my podcast subscriptions to 80 and added quite a few new and new-to-me podcasts to share with you.

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2 Funny Astronauts

This brand new weekly podcast by Mike Massimino and Garrett Reisman features two astronauts telling entertaining stories about their unique experiences in 25 to 40 minute conversations.

Brave New Space

This space industry-focused podcast by Robert Jacobson and Keegan Kirkpatrick offers 20 to 30 minute interviews with space business guests once or twice per month.

But It Is Rocket Science

This every-other-week podcast by aerospace engineers Henna and Anna offer relatable deep dives into various historical and current aerospace topics and casual insights into the hosts' lives in 30 to 60 minute segments.

Celestial Citizen

This weekly podcast for planning humanity's future in space features 45 to 60 minute interviews with a wide variety of guests by Britt Duffy Adkins just wrapped up its first season.

Dare to Explore

This podcast from the Space Camp Explorers Club is so new, I can't tell you its cadence. Perhaps monthly. It features 30 minute interviews with space-related guests.

Deep Space Podcast

This 15 to 30 minute podcast by Christen Kapavik and Jamil Castillo of the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration features interviews with space-related guests.

Dongfang Hour

This 30-minute weekly podcast by Blaine Curcio and Jean Deville covers Chinese aerospace and technology with weekly news summaries and occasional interviews.

Ex Terra

This 30-minute weekly podcast by Tom Patton features interviews with guests focusing on space commerce.

For All Humankind

This new monthly podcast by Matt Marcus and Annika Rollock in partnership with Women of Aeronautics & Astronautics features interviews with young space professionals.

Making Space: The Female Frontier

This 6-episode limited edition podcast by CNET's Claire Reilly tells the stories of trailblazing women in space history and interviews women currently making history.

Mission: Interplanetary

This 30 to 45 minute weekly podcast by astronaut Cady Coleman and Andrew Maynard sponsored by Arizona State University and SLATE features interviews with space-related guests and discussions on space topics of interest.


This monthly podcast by Sven Przywarra and Daniel Seidel, currently on break, offers interviews with space business guests ranging from 20 to 80 minutes long.

Preparing for Launch

This every-other-week podcast by Caroline Swenson of UKSEDS, currently on break, offers 40 to 60 minute interviews with space guests.


This weekly student-run podcast by SEDS USA recently wrapped up season 3. It offers 25 to 45 minute interviews with space guests.

Space and Things

This weekly 30 to 75 minute podcast by Emily Carney and Dave Giles offers space news, space discussions, and interviews with space guests.

Space Business Podcast

This mostly weekly podcast by Raphael Roettgen, produced in partnership with the International Space University, offers 30 to 60 minute interviews with space business guests.

Space Café Podcast

This fortnightly podcast by Markus Mooslechner and SpaceWatch.Global offers roughly 1 hour interviews with space guests. Not to be confused with the live video interview series by the same name.

Space Curious

This 15 to 20 minute, every-other-week podcast by WKMG News 6 reporter Emilee Speck covers questions of interest submitted space-curious audience and features interviews with space guests.

Space Explored

This sort of weekly podcast by 9to5Mac hosts covers space news with a particular emphasis on SpaceX in 30 to 90 minute episodes.

Space Policy Pod

This non-regular podcast by Steve Sidorek, sponsored by AIAA, MITRE Corporation, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce featured 25 to 40 minute interviews with space policy guests.

Space to Grow

This every-other-week podcast by Astroscale's Chris Blackerby and Charity Weeden offers 45 minute interviews with guests on space sustainability.

SpaceBase Podcast

This monthly podcast by Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom offers 30 to 60 minute interviews with space guests relevant to New Zealand.

Spaced Out!

This weekly podcast by Sarah Begum offers 45 to 60 minute interviews with space guests with a particular emphasis on meditation and spirituality.


This weekly podcast by SSPI's Lou Zacharilla offers 25 to 50 minute interviews in their Better Satellite World series focusing on how satellites benefit life of Earth.

TerraWatch Space

This every-other-week podcast by Aravind Ravichandran offers 30 to 75 minute interviews with guests to demystify space technology.

The Diaries of Space Explorers

This weekly podcast by Gavin Tolometti offers 45 to 60 minute interviews with young professionals about their career journeys.

Total Space Network

This irregular but frequently published podcast by RichLB, Kage, and Mikko is new to me, but appears to include a collection of shows ranging from 10 to 75 minutes which provide overviews of space news and technology and includes interviews with guests.

Your Space Journey

This non-regular podcast by Chuck Fields offers roughly 20 minute podcasts with a variety of space guests.

Do you have a favorite space podcast not yet featured on my 2020 and 2021 lists? Let me know in the comments. Happy listening!