Friday, March 18, 2016

Hey Space Millennials – Want to Be in a Book?

I hadn't intended to write a book. The idea popped into my head one evening. Curious, I ran the idea past my space community sounding board, Twitter. The response I've gotten has been surprising! Within days I had several interviews lined up, some of which I'm already examining the answers.

Rise of the Space Age Millennials (working title) will explore the views and attitudes of the next generation of space leaders. Those born between 1981 – 2000 are entering the workforce and rising to positions of responsibility and action within the space science and space industry. How do those of my generation feel about the promise of future space achievements? What motivates them? How do they differ from their older colleagues? And what about those millennial stereotypes – are these inaccurate generalizations or do these traits affect the way in which we work and progress space efforts?

Questions to millennials include:

What excites you about current space programs?
What space destinations should humans travel to?
Would you support another Apollo-like mission?
How important is mission length? What about multi-generational missions?
How important is safety? What are your feelings on risk?
What will millennials accomplish in the space industry?

In forming the interview questions, I thought about what I'd want to know if I were the reader. This is my generation, but I can only speak for myself and the conversations I've had with my peers. With a larger pool of data, I can see trends emerging. Or, conversely, explore the diversity of opinions.

I'm aiming for the book to be out by the end of the year. I've never written a book before, so I could be kidding myself. Advice in book writing and publishing would be appreciated.

Are you a millennial or do you know a millennial working in the space community who might be a good fit for this book? If so, please contact me to be on the Millennial Panel.

Click here to watch the vlog: Adventures in Book Writing.

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